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Functional Requirements Document (FRD)

FRD is a key requirements artifact, which is used to capture functional requirements of an application along with other key details of an application.

Business Case Document

Business Case is created in the initial phase, typically during the pre-project phase or discovery phase of a project. Use this template to capture vital details of a project.

Business Process Narrative

Business Process Narrative is a detailed description of a business process, capturing process participants, steps in the business process, validations, documents getting generated along the way etc.

Impact Analysis Document

Impact Analysis is a systematic study of any potential changes to the current solution.

RACI Matrix

RACI Matrix (Linear Responsibility Chart or Responsibility Assignment Matrix) is a key project management artifact that describes the participation by various roles in completing tasks or deliverables for a project or business process.

Supplementary Specification Document

Supplementary Specification Document is used to capture non-functional requirements of an application.

Problem Statement

Problem Statement is a concise description of an issue to be addressed or a condition to be improved upon. It identifies the gap between the current (problem) state and desired (goal) state of a process or product. Focusing on the facts, the problem statement should be designed to address the five Ws (What, Who, Why, When and Where).

Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping (VSM) (also known as value stream analysis or lean process mapping) is defined as a lean tool that employs a flowchart documenting every step in the process. Many lean practitioners see VSM as a fundamental tool to identify waste, reduce process cycle times, and implement process improvement.
VSM is a workplace efficiency tool designed to combine material processing steps with information flow, along with other important related data. VSM is an essential lean tool for an organization wanting to plan, implement, and improve while on its lean journey. VSM helps users create a solid implementation plan that will maximize their available resources and help ensure that materials and time are used efficiently.

Stakeholder Matrix

Stakeholder analysis is the process of assessing a system and potential changes to it as they relate to relevant and interested parties. This information is used to assess how the interests of those stakeholders should be addressed in a project plan, policy, program, or other action.

Stakeholder Tracker

Stakeholder Tracker helps you capture all the important details of project stakeholders.

Use Case Specification

A Use Case Specification is a textual description of the functionality provided by the system. It captures actor-system interaction. That is, it specifies how a user interacts with a system and how the system responds to the user actions. It is often phrased in the form of a dialog between the actor and the system.

Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary captures meta-data about the data or in other words information about the data that’s part of your application ecosystem.

Project Charter

Project Charter is an important project management artifacts, which officially gives authority to the Project Manager to initiate the project. It captures project goal/objective, high-level solution requirements, stakeholder information, risks, assumptions, constraints and other key project-related information.

Project Scope Statement

Project Scope Statement captures the project and product scope. Additionally, it captures project goal/objective, stakeholder information, risks, assumptions, constraints and other key project-related information.

UAT Template

UAT template allows UAT participants to capture feedback from their UAT (User Acceptance Testing) in order to improve the overall quality of the product before it is released in production environment.

Business Rules Template

Business rules helps you capture vital requirements that are based on company policies and/or regulatory requirements. Use this template to capture all solution-specific business rules. Often times, business rules are managed in a separate business rule engine software.

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