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Are you interested in watching videos? At Skillcubator, we’ve a YouTube channel where we’ve posted multiple videos. If you’re curious to explore our training programs and courses through videos, our huge list of videos can be a helpful resource.

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Skillcubator YouTube Videos

What is Kanban?

This is a short video, explaining basics on Kanban. In this video, you will learn:

  • History of Kanban.
  • Understand what is Kanban with some very basic examples.
  • Key elements of Kanban (Kanban board, WIP limits and some key metrics, which are commonly used).
  • Benefits of Kanban.

This short video is on our upcoming ‘Certified Agile Business Analysis’ Training and Placement Program.

Business Analysis Certifications

This short video is on different Business Analysis certifications. It showcases some of the well known certifications in the field of Business Analysis, cost, exam format and how to maintain them.

How to add Issues into Product Backlog

This is a short video, explaining about how to add issues into product backlog.

What is a User Story in Agile?

This is a short video, explaining the basic concepts of a user story.

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