About Us

Skillcubator is a premier collaborative learning platform with a primary objective of imparting high-quality training and certification programs to aspiring professionals in the field of business analysis, business process management, project management, quality assurance and many more. Our team consists of top-notch certified professionals with real industry experience and most importantly, a never-ending zeal to train, coach and mentor aspirants in information technology and management related areas. At Skillcubator, we firmly believe that an individual can learn and build new skills and expertise at any stage of his/her career. Hence, I along with some like-minded professionals decided to synergize our knowledge, expertise and experience and created high quality training, coaching, mentoring and certification programs. Skillcubator is a dedicated platform to train, coach and mentor aspiring professionals, willing to launch and progress their career in the field of business analysis, project management, quality assurance areas, business process management and many more.

We look forward to serving you in the most professional manner.


To be a premier skill building platform for professionals.


Our mission is to make Skillcubator a global collaborative learning and skill platform where professionals, irrespective of their experience, educational background, level of expertise, and location can learn new skills, build core competencies, confidently transform themselves into a new career role and, most importantly, lead others from the front.

Why We Are Different?

Skillcubator is a premier collaborative learning platform with a primary objective of imparting high-quality training programs to aspiring professionals in the field of business analysis and project management.


We offer the best training, coaching, mentoring and certification programs at the most affordable rates.


Once registered, trainees will be given access to an exclusive training blog site. Trainees will have unlimited access to each of the recorded video sessions, white papers, articles, training slides, assignments, quizzes and lot more resources.


We have a dedicated pool of certified instructors who would be providing the training. In addition to earning such coveted certifications, they have worked as consultants with top US-based management consulting firms. This allows us to build our training material using theoretical aspects as well as practical application depicting real-world scenarios.


Our simulation based approach exposes our trainees to countless real-world scenarios. Additionally, we conduct workshops wherein, using ‘Role-Playing’ techniques, we make our trainees familiar to real-world business environment so that they can perform from day one on their project.


Your resume is not just about your education, skills and expertise but also exudes your personality and we very well understand that. We work with each trainee to build their resume on one-on-one basis. Our experts will work with you and hand-craft a strong and most importantly, a unique resume that captures your true potential, to ensure that it gets to the top of the hiring manager’s list.

We conduct rigorous interviews to ensure that you crack the real ones in first few attempts.

In addition to our ‘In-House’ marketing team, we also have strong alliance with top-tier recruiting firms across the nation that will aggressively market your resume across different clientele. Due to a sound marketing infrastructure, our ‘Time-To-Market’ metric, i.e from the first day of class until successful placement, is very short.


We all know that in IT world, things are fast-paced. Meaning, what tools and techniques are valid today may get obsolete very quickly. Our training programs are updated frequently to reflect the latest industry demands. Hence, job interviews are cleared successfully in the first few attempts.


All our business analysis courses are aligned with IIBA’s Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®) and PMI’s business analysis guide. Similarly, our project management related courses are aligned with PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®). That makes it easy for our candidates to pursue certification after successful completion of the course.


Our comprehensive capstone project (CCP) is an amalgamation of all modules fit into one. Once successfully completed, our trainees have experienced tremendous confidence in cracking job interviews in no more than 1-2 rounds.


Most of us focus on the technical aspects, hence ignoring our soft skills. Studies indicate that in addition to technical skills, soft skills also play an important role in securing a job. Honing your soft skills is as vital as building your technical skills. We don’t want to leave your soft skills at chance. We have an in-house expert who will perform a ‘Non-Technical’/soft skills assessment and sharpen them to the core, if required.


We provide impeccable FREE UNLIMITED on-project support to ensure that you transition and perform into your new role without any anxiety, stress and fear.

We provide continuous and uninterrupted access to our blog site and to our pool of instructors even after your training.

We DON’T bind our trainees with any contracts or bonds. Also, We DON’T take any fees, commissions or cut from your pay for placements made through Skillcubator. After all it’s your hard earned money.


We offer our training programs via online meeting tools as well as through traditional classrooms. Irrespective of that, both are live ‘Instructor-led’ sessions. We have a dedicated facility for conducting our training programs at Mclean, Virginia, USA. Training is provided via ‘state-of-the-art’ techniques using live web conferencing tools for online meetings, bamboo pad for white boarding etc. Facility is equipped with free Wi-Fi, overhead projector, coffee room and other required infrastructural facilities.