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We will help you build a dynamic LinkedIn profile with the right content that will not only optimize your LinkedIn profile but also enhance your profile’s visibility. Our creative and proficient writers will ensure that your profile is not only up to date but also shines and stands out from the competition.

Cover letter is probably the most important tool in your arsenal when it comes to building a personal rapport with your potential employer. As per a recent survey, candidates who submit a well-drafted cover letter along with their resume have approx. 85% probability of getting an interview call. Moreover, 77% of recruiters said they would give preference to a candidate who sent a cover letter, even if they weren’t required to send it. And moreover, a majority of recruiters 72% expect to receive cover letters, even if the job ad explicitly states that cover letters are optional. By now, you must have realized how much value a well-drafted cover letter carries in your pursuit of a job search.

It is an important artifact that will allow you to display your skills, expertise, past work experience, education, and certification(s) with regard to the job description. And also, it allows you to express yourself and strike that formal as well as informal cord even without meeting your potential employer. Most of the time, a cover letter is mandatory or is highly appreciated by your potential employer, if submitted along with the resume. Hence, if carefully drafted, cover letter can do wonders in increasing your chances of getting an interview call from your potential employer.

We can take care of building a job-winning cover letter that is purely customized for the job description for which you are applying. All these mentioned below will be crafted in a very professional way for every single job submission.

  • Customized Content
  • Style of Writing
  • Look-and-feel
  • Usage of Keywords

You can rest assured that the cover letter is unique, built based on the job description, and personalized to your situation, adding professionalism to your resume and profile.

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