1. What are the courses you offer?

We mainly offer courses on:

(1) Business Analysis (Role-Based)
(2) Business Process Management (Role-Based)
(3) Quality Assurance (Role-Based)
(4) Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) (Role-Based)
(5) Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) (Certification-Based)
(6) Project Management Professional (PMP) (Certification-Based)

2. What is the overall training process?

The overall process is as follows:

Step 1 Register for a ‘Free Non-Obligatory’ demo.

Step 2 Complete the registration by going to

Step 3 Conduct training.

Step 4 Prepare resume.

Step 5 Conduct mock interviews.

Step 6 Initiate placement process.

Step 7 Complete placement.

Step 8 Provide post-placement support, if required (at no extra cost).

3. Do I need to be a programmer or have a background in computer science to become a business analyst?

Absolutely NOT. You do not need to be programmer to become a business analyst nor you need to have a degree in information systems/computer science or systems engineering. This course is specifically designed for folks who are totally new in the field of Information Technology/systems engineering. During the course of 6 weeks, we will teach you fundamental as well as advanced business analysis concepts, principles, tools and techniques, along with assignments, case studies, online quiz etc. Also, we will use 11 ‘Industry-Standard’ tools during the training program to give you that actual ‘Hands-On’ experience.

 4. I want to take some free initial sessions before I make the payment?

Of course. You may attend the first 3 sessions (1st week) without any obligation.

5. Will there be any assignments as part of the training program?

Yes. After completing each session, instructor will assign either a case study/assignment or a reading material (white paper, article, journal etc). Also, the students are expected to submit their work diligently so that we can track your progress during the duration of the training.

6. Will there be any assignments as part of the training program?

Yes. Instructor will be reviewing your work and provide you with a timely feedback.

7. Will I need any specific tools to complete my assignments?

Yes. Most of the assignments will need to completed via specific tools. However, there is no additional cost towards using these tools.

8. Is this training domain specific?

The concepts, principles, tools and techniques taught are domain agnostic i.e. can be applied irrespective of any domain.

9. Do you provide training in a specific domain?

Yes. Once the core training is completed, we will provide you an overview on most popular domains such as core banking, mortgage, healthcare, government contracting, and insurance. If you have a specific domain in mind, please let the instructor know at the beginning of the training program and he/she will provide you the training in that specific domain.

 10. Is your business analysis training aligned to IIBA’s BABOK?

Yes. Our flagship course ‘Business Systems Analysis (Information Technology)’ is aligned to IIBA’s BABOK version 3 and PMI’s PBA body of knowledge.

11. What is IIBA?

IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) is a not-for-profit organization geared towards advancement of business analysis discipline.

12. What is BABOK?

BABOK  (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) is an official book, issued by IIBA, which is the reference book used for the business analysis certifications.

13. What is CBAP?

CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) is one of the most prestigious certification in the field of business analysis. It is awarded by IIBA and one must meet certain minimum criteria to take the exam. More information can be found on

14. What is PMI?

PMI (Project Management Institute) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote and standardize the project management discipline.

15. What is PMP?

PMP (Project Management Plan) is one of the most popular and widely accepted certification in the field of project management. A candidate must meet all the basic minimum criteria to sit for an exam. More information can be found on

16. What is the total cost of the training program?

Total cost of the training program is 850 USD (includes training, study material, training tools, resume preparation, mock interview preparation, placement and post-placement support).

17. How can I make a payment?

Payment can be made either via paypal or debit/credit/ bank account.

In order to register, you need to:

Step 1 Go to the course page (

Step 2 Click on ‘More’ under the course.

Step 3 Then click on ‘Register for this course now’.

Step 4 Scroll down and click on ‘Add to cart’.

Step 5 At this point of time, the course is added to the cart. Click on ‘View Cart’ on the top of the page. [Please make sure that you don’t click ‘Add to cart’ again or else the course will be added again]

Step 6 Click on ‘Proceed to checkout’.

Step 7 Fill out ‘Billing Details’ page.

Step 8 Once you have entered ‘Billing Details’, click on ‘Proceed To Paypal’.

Step 9 Complete your payment using ‘Paypal’.

18. Do you provide placements?

Yes. We have an ‘In-house’ team of IT recruiter who will be aggressively marketing your resume. Also, we have partnered with various ‘Nation-Wide’ tier-1 IT staffing firms, which will be marketing your resume as well. In addition to these two channels, we will also promote your resume via other channels such as linkedin and popular job portals such as dice, monster, careerbuilder and indeed.

19. Do you provide post-placement support?

Yes. Our instructors will work with you and provide you the much-needed support while you are on the project and until you are comfortable.

20. Do I need to sign a contract with your firm?

No. We don’t bind any trainee with a contract. While we would be more than happy to see you as our employee, you are not obligated to take up an employment opportunity through Skillcubator Inc.

21. After training is complete, how soon can I get a job?

It depends on many factors such as how good a trainee has prepared for the interview, flexibility to relocate, economic environment etc. Historically speaking, a trainee can expect to get placed from anywhere between 1-4 months.

 22. Who conducts the training?

All our training is provided by ‘Certified’ instructors. Our ‘Business Analysis’ training is provided by a CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) certified instructor, who also holds many other certifications such as PMP (Project Management Professional), BPM (Business Process Management). On an average our instructors have 12 plus years of extensive experience in the field of business analysis/project management and are active practitioners in their respective fields.

 23. How is training conducted?

All sessions are conducted online. You will need the following things to attend the training:

1. PC/Laptop/Tablet

2. Internet connection

3. Headsets with mic

Each session is recorded and posted on a training portal immediately after the session is over. (Training portal is like a one stop shop for all training related things such as: posting announcements, recorded sessions, assignments, case studies, reading material, training schedule etc).

24. What is a ‘Training Portal’?

‘Training Portal’ is your ‘One-Stop’ shop for all training related things such as: posting announcements, recorded sessions, assignments, case studies, reading material, training schedule etc.

 25. What if I have a question during the live session?

 Trainees may ask question anytime during the session. In fact, we highly encourage each trainee to ask questions for effective learning process.
26. Are training sessions recorded?

Yes. Each session is recorded and posted on the training portal immediately after the session is over. You will have access to the training portal, including all training sessions, for upto 1 year from the course completion date.

27. What if I have to miss a training session? What is the process to review the missed portion of the training?

While we highly encourage to attend all the training sessions, we completely understand that there may be situations, where we may have to skip a session. In order to help you with such situations, we record each training session and they are posted on the learning portal immediately after the session is over. You may go and replay the entire session at your convenience. Also, you may post any questions on the training portal, email the instructor or call him/her if you have any doubts.

28. How long do I have access to the training portal?

You will have access to the training portal, including all training sessions, for upto 1 year from the course completion date.

29. Can I share the training sessions with other individuals?

Absolutely NOT. These content, shared with all the trainees, are mean for only the registered trainees and under NO circumstances these can be shared over any medium with anyone else. This would constitute as a gross violation of our policy and may invite a legal action.

30. Can I attend training sessions ‘In-Person’?

All sessions are provided using an ‘Industry-Standard’ online collaborative web-conference tool. However, if you have a big group for training, we can arrange for a physical location to conduct our training programs.

31. Do you use any tools during the training?

 Yes. We use appx. 11 different ‘Industry Standard’ tools during the course of training to provide ‘Hands-On’ experience. These tools will be used to complete the assignments/case studies.

[Please Note: The specific tools might change based on the instructor’s discretion]

 32. Are these tools included in the training?

 Yes. These tools are included as part of the training and there is no additional cost towards these tools.

33. Will the instructor give a live demo using the tools?

Yes. Instructor will give a ‘Live-Demo’ using the tools. Also, you will be expected to use these set of ‘Industry-Standard’ tool to complete your assignments, and case studies.

34. Do these tools need admin rights to download?

Most of these tools are web-based and hence you don’t really need to download or need admin rights to use them.

35. Are these standard tools used in the ‘Real-World’ projects?

Yes. All of these tools are ‘Industry Standard’ tools and are used on ‘Real’ projects. Creating artifacts using these tools will help you immensely to crack the interview and let you successfully transition your career.

36. Do I have access to the instructor after the session or after the course?

Yes. You may contact the instructor either via phone, email id or post a question on the training portal. Since our instructors are also working as a full time basis, they generally contact you after the office working hours.

37. How can I track my progress during the training?

Instructor will track your progress through assignments, case studies and online quizzes and periodically provide you with the feedback. Also, effective corrective action will be taken to ensure that you maximize your learning experience.

38. Can you share some knowledge on how banking, finance, healthcare, telecom Domains can switch over to BA?

 Business domain knowledge can be learned via various means. The primary channel is through training program. While the ‘Business Analysis’ training and placement program is ‘Domain Agnostic’ i.e. applies across all the business domains, our instructors will provide an overview on some of the most popular business domains. In addition to it, it can also be learned through white papers, journals, articles. But the most effective way is to learn ‘On-The-Job’.

39. Which is the best Domain to start BA ? What domain you suggest? Which domain is in boom?

Financial is the most popular domain. Within ‘Financial’, there are various sub-domains such as retail banking, investment banking, secondary-mortgage, insurance, fixed income etc. While there are business analysts jobs in all domains, finance domain will have majority of them. Also, the learning curve is not that steep and one should be able to learn it quickly.

40. I am fresh out of college and need to know how business analysis works in the real world?

 Sure. We highly encourage you to attend one of our live ‘Instructor-Led’ non-obligatory demo session. It will also allow you to ask any questions or concerns you have before making a decision.

41. I want to change the direction from a test analyst or a Project Manager to a BA?

Great. Since you have experience in information technology area, it will be very easy for you to transition into a business analyst role. We can meet your exact training needs and help you start your career as a business analyst.

42. Why analyze a business area if the business experts already know what they want?

There are many reasons why enterprise needs a specialist role i.e. ‘Business Analyst’. First, many times business stakeholders will be aware of the problem their enterprise is facing but they may not know how to solve the problem in the ‘Most Optimal’ manner. Second, in an enterprise, where a problem or an issue is spread across multiple department, units or divisions, business stakeholders may not have an ‘End-to-End’ holistic view. Third, business stakeholders lack the right knowledge, skills and expertise to translate their own needs and requirements into ‘System-Level’ requirements, which is used as an input by the implementation team to design, develop and test a system/application. So for all the above stated reasons, business analysts plays a key role.

43. Can you help in finding a business analyst job? or can you share some information about job consultations? can you give some reference for job interviews?

Definitely. Once appx 80% of the training is covered, we will prepare your resume, conduct mock interviews and initiate placement process via our own internal marketing team as well as through network of recruiters.

44. I am into B.P.O / call center / marketing job. Can I become business analyst?

Definitely. Any past experience will be of great asset to become a successful business analyst.

45. What is the ideal salary expectation, if I get a BA interview?

While an average salary is within the range of 80,000 to 125,000 USD gross per annum, the exact amount you will get in your project will depend on many factors such as geographic location, business domain, experience, certifications earned, project funding etc. But still, business analyst is one of the highest paid professional in the IT sector.

46. I have experience in xyz job (not business analyst) and now I want to switch job and looking for BA role. Companies ask for relevant experience only. what to do?

We can definitely help you in such situation. Please contact us on 703-200-9921 to discuss further and we will provide a solution.

47. Where are your clients in their IT careers?

We have clients all across USA. We have also partnered with various tier 1 IT recruiters.

48. What are the various services that you provide to assist candidates prepare for and secure a position as a Business Analyst?

In addition to providing you with a quality training from certified trainers, our team will work with you to build your resume from the scratch, conduct mock interviews and finally market you to get your desired job.

49. Which types of Business Analyst training do you offer?

We offer two different types of training i.e. (A) Role-based and (B) Certification based. (A) Role-Based training focuses on building the skills, expertise and knowledge required to perform ‘Hands-On’ business analysis activities. (B) Certification-Based training focuses on preparing a trainee to clear a certification in the first attempt.

50. Some IIBA certification programs require a certain amount of baseline experience in Business Analysis. Does your program have any such requirements?

You must meet the minimum criteria to sit for the IIBA exam. While we can definitely help you with preparing for the certification exam, you must have enough work experience to take the exam.

51. Why should I care about IIBA certification?

Certification from a coveted institute like IIBA will always be rewarding in terms of career growth, salary expectations, promotion and job security. Especially when you want to set yourself apart from the herd, you must try to earn IIBA certification.

52. Are course materials and training intended for people new to the Business Analyst career?

Of course. With exactly that in mind, our ‘Business Analysis’ course has three tier approach. Tier 1 focuses on building solid foundation of business analysis core concepts, theory and principles. Tier 2 is where we teach all the elicitation, analysis and documentation tools and techniques, which form a core competency of a business analyst. Finally, tier 3 covers numerous topics are important for any member of an IT team. Also, in each phase, trainee will be taught various tools and will be expected to complete assignments, case studies using the assigned tools.


53. How many hours of training is provided? What is the appx no of training hours?

Appx 45-50 hours of core training is provided over the course of 5-6 week duration. This DOES NOT count the hours towards preparing you for interview, conducting mock interviews etc.

54. What is the schedule of ‘Business Analysis’ course?

The duration of ‘Business Analysis’ course is appx 5-6 weeks. Sessions are held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 PM EST to 10:00 PM EST.


55. How do I register?

In order to register, you need to:

Step 1 Go to the course page (

Step 2 Click on ‘More’ under the course.

Step 3 Then click on ‘Register for this course now’.

Step 4 Scroll down and click on ‘Add to cart’.

Step 5 At this point of time, the course is added to the cart. Click on ‘View Cart’ on the top of the page. [Please make sure that you don’t click ‘Add to cart’ again or else the course will be added again]

Step 6 Click on ‘Proceed to checkout’.

Step 7 Fill out ‘Billing Details’ page.

Step 8 Once you have entered ‘Billing Details’, click on ‘Proceed To Paypal’.

Step 9 Complete your payment using ‘Paypal’.

56. How can I make the payment?

You can make the payment using paypal account, debit/credit card or a bank account.

57. Is it safe to make an online payment?

ABSOLUTELY YES. We use ‘Paypal’, an industry-standard payment gateway. Also, irrespective of whether you pay via paypal, debit card, credit card or bank account, for security purpose, we DON’T store your credit card information.

58. Can I ask for refund?

 Yes. We have ‘No Questions Asked’ policy towards the refund if requested within the 1st week of the training. You entire amount will be refunded back into your account within 2-3 business days.

59. I need a payment receipt in order to get reimbursed?

 Yes. Once we successfully receive the payment, we will email you a payment receipt.

60. I need to register a group of individuals?

Please contact us directly either via phone (703-200-9921) or email ( and we will take care of your needs.